Start Finding Gold!
A Guide to Prospecting in Montana

Montana is an extreemely rich gold-bearing state!
And there is still TONS of gold waiting to be discovered!
Our new 35-page eBook helps you learn where to find it!
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The trick to finding gold consistently is to know where it has been found before!
Miners have been searching for gold in Montana for over 150 years, and these same areas will still produce gold for a hard working prospector! You just have to know where to go!


“Thanks for the great report guys. I learned about lots of places that were a lot closer to my house than where I had been going. And we've been finding some gold too!”

Rick L. - Missoula, Montana

A Rich Mining History

This eBook is a great resource for any Montana gold prospector. Many of the areas mentioned here still hold great potential for a prospector willing to put in the time and effort needed to find undiscovered gold deposits! Despite its rich history for gold, Montana gets much less attention than many other states, meaning that there are still lots of undiscovered areas that you can find gold now!

Lots of Places to Explore

Montana is a large state with lots of public lands and plenty of areas that are open to prospecting. Many mining districts are also extremely remote and located in the rugged mountains near the Continental Divide, and they have not been prospected nearly as hard as many other areas in the U.S.

Learning about these areas that have produced gold in the past is the best way to find locations that you can still find it today! The old-timers didn't get it all!

A Word From The Author

“Gold is actually easier to find than most people think. The real challenge isn't HOW to look for gold, but WHERE to look! Folks can spend a fortune on the latest mining equipment and newest "gadgets" on the market, but the real trick is learning where to start digging. Once you've done that, the finding is easy! ”